• ParrotFish Sight Words

      “Challenging yet not too far outside of a kindergarten childs level I can’t keep my phone away from my son. Keep up the good work”

    Providing building blocks of literacy and numeracy

    • Immediate feed-back
    • Male and female voices
    • Mixture of fonts for generalisation
    • 6 games each using a different reading skill
    • 12 sets of words – first levels have only 6 words to master
    • Words from high frequency lists from Dolch, Fry and Magic 200
    • Add free
    • No internet connection required
    • Progress and achievements show on the menu screen
    • Revision and words causing difficulty can be practised by tapping the level creature
    • Each game emphasises different skills
  • ParrotFish Phonics

    6 games have increasing difficulty and each one covers a different reading skill

    • Silly Star: Matching a spoken sound to the written sound, starts easy with only one choice, then gets harder. Lower case and upper case are used
    • Feed Green Gordie: Drag the image that starts with the written sound into the fish’s mouth
    • Trace and Write: Trace the letter using correct formation, staying on the track, with the starting and ending point and directional arrow for each stroke marked. As it gets harder only the starting, ending points and directional arrows are shown.
    • What’s Missing: An image is shown with the target letter missing. The missing letter can be at the beginning, middle or end of the word. Select the correct letter and drag it into place. At the revision level this is harder.
    • Slide and Match: A revision game for the letters covered in the level. Drag the same sounds on to a pile to match. As the pile gets taller the colours darken
    • Spell with Sam: Making words from the sounds they know. The game uses all of the sounds that they have been taught. If they can do this they are actually reading and writing.


  • Parrotfish Early Math & Numbers

    Creating the foundation of Maths and Numbers

    • Immediate feed-back
    • 6 games focusing of different aspects of numeracy
    • Tracing numbers
    • Addition & Subtraction of 2 or more numbers
    • Find the missing number in a pattern
    • Order groups of numbers
    • Recognising the quantity in a group of objects (subitising) up to 10
    • Add free
    • No internet connection required
    • Progress and achievements show on the menu screen
    • Each game emphasises different skills