About Us

We are a small team formed from three different specialities – internet marketing, programming and education – and have bought our first app together in what was supposed to be our spare time. It ended up being a lot more encompassing and time consuming than any of us expected, however, we hope that even while learning something as “boring” as sight words there will be enough enchantment and engagement that not only will the children learn the words, they will enjoy their time, as they find the game mechanics and rewards encouraging enough to continue.

We are really interested in knowing how you find our apps and how children respond to the activities, and more importantly are they learning what we are trying to teach and do they generalise these skills to other learning situations. It is only by getting feed-back from our users that we can fine tune and modify what we have done and build this knowledge into any future developments.

Our apps are designed to teach skills that can be generalised to real life situations – like reading or counting – away from the electronic screen.

We aim to build real skills – not just learning to count or to read a set of words.

We want children to build skills that can be generalised to other learning situations and other curriculum areas.

We are passionate about education and want to provide children with a positive learning experience.