Phonics – Sound out Words

“I just had a look at the app, it is fantastic and am very excited about using it in my Kindergarten . . . . .┬áthis app will be fantastic for them.” – Kindergarten teacher.

Designed for beginning readers, each of the 6 games emphasise different reading skills. Kids learn to read, hear, write and remember the single sounds and then use them to blend the letters to read words, hear the sounds in them and then spell them.

This program will align with the order and methods taught in many schools, with multiple logins, progress tracking and progression with mastery.

It is ideal for early readers, beginning readers, pre-schoolers, kindergarten kids, and those having difficulty with reading. It is a companion to our Parrotfish Sight Words App as both sets of skills should be taught at the same time.

  • Learn a sound per day
  • Find the missing sound
  • Hear sounds in words
  • Write letters properly
  • Blend sounds to form words
  • Learn consonant blends

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“I just had a look at the app, it is fantastic and am very excited about using it in my Kindergarten . . . . .┬áthis app will be fantastic for them.” – Kindergarten teacher.

Understanding language, learning sight words and learning how sounds make words through a structured phonics program are proven to be the best ways for kids to learn to read. Research is telling us that 10 to 15 minutes per day spent on a structured phonics program seems to be optimal. If your child is ready to learn to read then aim to have them complete one level per day of this app to provide this experience.
This is a complete structured approach to teaching beginning phonics. When it is completed children should be able to read, write and spell simple words such as cat and fan, and blends such as brush and hang. There are over 150 images and 500 words to practise on. (For teachers this translates as covering cvc, ccvc, ccvcc, cccvcc)

  • Letters are introduced in the order taught in many schools.
  • 4 single sounds are taught then there is a revision level with 4 games where the sounds are used to read and write words
  • They learn the sound, what it looks like, to recognise it in words, to read words, to blend letters into words, and how to write each letter
  • Reading and writing simple words begins as soon as the first 4 sounds are learned
  • Upper and lower case letters are introduced together
  • Male and female voices and different fonts are used to aid generalisation
  • All games build fluency and instant recognition
  • Guesses are not rewarded. Progress is determined by accuracy and in some games speed.
  • The games are enjoyable with real game play, immediate feedback, reward structure and progress tracking
  • 17 levels commencing at single letters and progressing to blending and segmenting words like shred, cloth and bang
  • Over 150 images and 500 words, a really comprehensive learning experience
  • Completely add free, internet connection not required
  • No in-App purchases. Once you have purchased the full version you have the complete program – no more to pay


6 games have increasing difficulty and each one covers a different reading skill

  • Silly Star: Matching a spoken sound to the written sound, starts easy with only one choice, then gets harder. Lower case and upper case are used
  • Feed Green Gordie: Drag the image that starts with the written sound into the fish’s mouth
  • Trace and Write: Trace the letter using correct formation, staying on the track, with the starting and ending point and directional arrow for each stroke marked. As it gets harder only the starting, ending points and directional arrows are shown.
  • What’s Missing: An image is shown with the target letter missing. The missing letter can be at the beginning, middle or end of the word. Select the correct letter and drag it into place. At the revision level this is harder.
  • Slide and Match: A revision game for the letters covered in the level. Drag the same sounds on to a pile to match. As the pile gets taller the colours darken
  • Spell with Sam: Making words from the sounds they know. The game uses all of the sounds that they have been taught. If they can do this they are actually reading and writing.



Support Material and Printables: