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ParrotFish Sight Words

“This is the best site words game I have bought for my 4 year old son so far. Instructions are so easy to follow. And so many games to play.”

Teaches high frequency Sight Words from the Fry, Dolch or Magic 200 word lists, a total of over 300 words. Kids play through 6 games over 22 stages to complete the course. There is an interactive word list for each stage for checking progress. Many schools expect students to know all of these words by the end of the 3rd year of school, however, it is quite possible to have mastered them by the end of the first year of school. Good readers will do this easily.
To start with there are 6 words per level, progressing to 12 words per level as skill and confidence build. A reward screen shows progress. Parent controls allow unlock of all levels and to reset progress. The games each emphasise different skills which improve:

  • Auditory memory
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Visual memory
  • Visual discrimination
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Following directions
  • Concentration span
  • Left right progression

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ParrotFish Phonics

“I just had a look at the app, it is fantastic and am very excited about using it in my Kindergarten . . . . . this app will be fantastic for them.” – Kindergarten teacher.

Designed for beginning readers, each of the 6 games emphasise different reading skills. Kids learn to read, hear, write and remember the single sounds and then use them to blend the letters to read words, hear the sounds in them and then spell them.

This program will align with the order and methods taught in many schools, with multiple logins, progress tracking and progression with mastery.

It is ideal for early readers, beginning readers, pre-schoolers, kindergarten kids, and those having difficulty with reading. It is a companion to our Parrotfish Sight Words App as both sets of skills should be taught at the same time.

  • Learn a sound per day
  • Find the missing sound
  • Hear sounds in words
  • Write letters properly
  • Blend sounds to form words
  • Learn consonant blends

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Parrotfish Early Math & Numbers

6 games for each of  30 stages that cover most of the counting, addition and subtraction content covered in kindergarten/prep – the first year of school.

ParrotFish starts by introducing the child to the concept of numbers, starting with simple fingers and objects while slowly introducing the idea of numbers. Over time as the child builds competency numbers are introduced then eventually addition, subtraction and number frames.

Games start of simple before becoming more difficult, over the 180 games children will fully master the ideas behind math leaving them well above their peers. A reward system that prevents the child from progressing until they are good enough helps make certain the child understands the topic before they can proceed.

It is ideal for pre-schoolers, kindergarten kids, and those having difficulty with Maths as well as those seeking extension work. (4-8 year olds)

  • Recognise, count, and identify numerals to 30
  • Recognise numbers represented on a number line, in subitised groups, in cases and by fingers
  • Count on and forwards and backwards from any number within this set
  • Perform addition and subtraction of any numbers to 10
  • Add and subtract 0, 1, 2, 3, from numbers to 30
  • Count on and in reverse by 1, 2, 3
  • Match different representations of numerals to each other
Full description and Free Downloads

Our Aims

We believe in education, that it should be fun and engaging, that it should be at the child's level and give immediate feedback. We think that basic skills should be taught early and efficiently so that they can then go out and explore the world, get new learning, be creative and engaged with life. This will all be so much easier if they are literate and numerate from an early age. We believe that if they are taught properly then there is no reason to fail - all children will progress at their own pace but they will learn by being exposed to a wide variety of strategies which they can call on. Children want to learn, we need to give success and the opportunity to learn in a way that is right for them.

About us

We are a small team formed from three different specialities – internet marketing, programming and education – and have bought our first app together in what was supposed to be our spare time. It ended up being a lot more encompassing and time consuming than any of us expected, however, we hope that even while learning something as “boring” as

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