Early Math & Number

6 games for each of  30 stages that cover most of the counting, addition and subtraction content covered in kindergarten/prep – the first year of school.

ParrotFish starts by introducing the child to the concept of numbers, starting with simple fingers and objects while slowly introducing the idea of numbers. Over time as the child builds competency numbers are introduced then eventually addition, subtraction and number frames.

Games start of simple before becoming more difficult, over the 180 games children will fully master the ideas behind math leaving them well above their peers. A reward system that prevents the child from progressing until they are good enough helps make certain the child understands the topic before they can proceed.

It is ideal for pre-schoolers, kindergarten kids, and those having difficulty with Maths as well as those seeking extension work. (4-8 year olds)

  • Recognise, count, and identify numerals to 30
  • Recognise numbers represented on a number line, in subitised groups, in cases and by fingers
  • Count on and forwards and backwards from any number within this set
  • Perform addition and subtraction of any numbers to 10
  • Add and subtract 0, 1, 2, 3, from numbers to 30
  • Count on and in reverse by 1, 2, 3
  • Match different representations of numerals to each other


The games cover counting, counting on, recognising subitised groups, ordering groups and numbers, read and act on number lines, use fingers, use shapes, write and recognise the numerals and perform addition and subtraction problems.

Outcomes expected:

  • Counting to at least 30 (once there they really get it so can go on to 100 but most schools don’t expect it)
  • Counting on from any number to 30
  • Counting backwards from any number from 30
  • Addition of 2 or more numbers to 10
  • Subtraction of 2 numbers less than 10
  • Instantly recognise the quantity in a group of objects (subitising) up to 10
  • Recognise the quantity represented on a number line
  • Use fingers as an addition / subtraction aid
  • Match different representations of the same number – eg 2+3 is the same as an image showing 5 fingers
  • Order groups of objects and numbers
  • Find the missing numbers in a pattern
  • Use cases to represent numbers as groups of 5 and 10

We don’t rush them through the early stages of the games. It is important that the concepts introduced in these early stages are fully grasped. Progress after the first set of games should be steady and rewarding.

Celebrate the achievement of stars with your child. Some people have matched monetary rewards to stars and found it highly motivating – see what works for your child.

We encourage persistence! It has been found that persistence is a positive attribute in any learning situation. A child with a high level of persistence will be more likely to succeed.

Don’t punish failure – our games introduce concepts fully and give lots of support as the difficulty increases. If it is simply too hard then they may not be ready for this and should spend time on pre-reading and pre-maths games that include matching, tracing, sorting and manipulation of objects.


Creating the foundation of Maths and Numbers

  • Immediate feed-back
  • 6 games focusing of different aspects of numeracy
  • Tracing numbers
  • Addition & Subtraction of 2 or more numbers
  • Find the missing number in a pattern
  • Order groups of numbers
  • Recognising the quantity in a group of objects (subitising) up to 10
  • Add free
  • No internet connection required
  • Progress and achievements show on the menu screen
  • Each game emphasises different skills