Sight Words

“This is the best site words game I have bought for my 4 year old son so far. Instructions are so easy to follow. And so many games to play.”

Teaches high frequency Sight Words from the Fry, Dolch or Magic 200 word lists, a total of over 300 words. Kids play through 6 games over 22 stages to complete the course. There is an interactive word list for each stage for checking progress. Many schools expect students to know all of these words by the end of the 3rd year of school, however, it is quite possible to have mastered them by the end of the first year of school. Good readers will do this easily.
To start with there are 6 words per level, progressing to 12 words per level as skill and confidence build. A reward screen shows progress. Parent controls allow unlock of all levels and to reset progress. The games each emphasise different skills which improve:

  • Auditory memory
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Visual memory
  • Visual discrimination
  • Fine motor coordination
  • Following directions
  • Concentration span
  • Left right progression

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“Awesome! Love that the games use the same words my son is learning from at school. This app is a life saver, we were having such a hard time with flash cards. I showed his teacher & she gave it her stamp of approval to use for homework.”

6 Sight word games that require different skills and develop distinct competencies.

Each plays a part in building fine motor coordination, on task time, concentration, print concepts, the association between spoken and written words, word recognition, fluency, and overall success in reading.

  • Matching a word to the same word, (visual discrimination, one to one correspondence, visual tracking)
  • Finding a pair of words – both  auditory memory and visual memory
  • Building a word from its component parts, ie the letters – one to one correspondence, attendance to word shapes, and understands that words are made up of letters
  • Seeing and hearing a word, remembering it and then identifying words that are not the same
  • Seeing a word then remembering it and identifying it on the next screen,(visual memory)
  • Hearing a word and identifying a word from a selection – reading and applying what has been remembered from previous games

We are looking to give mastery at each stage before progressing to the next set of words. This over-learning gives students loads of confidence, and a framework of words that appear regularly in text that they can instantly read.


  “Challenging yet not too far outside of a kindergarten childs level I can’t keep my phone away from my son. Keep up the good work”

Providing building blocks of literacy and numeracy

  • Immediate feed-back
  • Male and female voices
  • Mixture of fonts for generalisation
  • 6 games each using a different reading skill
  • 12 sets of words – first levels have only 6 words to master
  • Words from high frequency lists from Dolch, Fry and Magic 200
  • Add free
  • No internet connection required
  • Progress and achievements show on the menu screen
  • Revision and words causing difficulty can be practised by tapping the level creature
  • Each game emphasises different skills