The ideas behind the Parrotfish Sight Words App

Some Hints

  • This sight words app should be used in conjunction with a systematic decoding program and exposure to lots of literature to teach that meaning and enjoyment is of utmost importance and the real reason we learn to read.
  • For a child to read fluently they must be able to decode efficiently and have a good body of instantly recognisable sight words. This frees them to spend their energy on comprehending the story.
  • A good bank of sight words which can be recognised instantly, helps students gain success in reading. It gives them a structure around which to build other skills such as comprehension and decoding, and the confidence to take risks when reading texts.
  • Most children will never need to be taught to the end of the list of 200+ words, as once they are really reading, many words will be learnt in context.
  • Don’t force competent readers to continue on through the list, and certainly not in one year. It could take some learners 2 to 3 years to get through the list, typically the entire 200+ words should be mastered before the child is 8 years old, however, competent learners will know them all much earlier.
  • You don’t need to wait until the child starts school, you can start introducing a child to sight words in the year before going to school.
  • Don’t worry about what list of words you use – learning the reading and memory skills is what is important
  • This app allows progress at the child’s rate, providing motivation through reward mechanics  and instant feedback as they play the game
  • Utilise all their learning modes. The app utilises auditory, visual and kinaesthetic learning / teaching modes
  • Children need to generalise their newly acquired skills
    • teach them to see words around them and in context,
    • use different fonts
    • ensure they hear the words with different accents and voices
    • Above all try to keep learning fun