The Games in the Parrotfish Sight Words App

Peter Puffs

The child has to match words in bubbles to the words on the fish by dragging the all matching words on to Peter the puffer fish. For each word correct the fish blows up a little. A second, red toned fish follows, it carries the same word but moves a bit faster. The red fish is a bit tricky, we are building instant recognition.

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Super Shelly

This is a classic memory game. They tap 2 cards, read and remember where they are to find the matching words. The words are repeated each time they are turned over and again before they leave the screen. Loads of repetition here.


Wally’s Words

The whale comes on the screen and the word is repeated a couple of times. It then disappears and 5 fish appear each with a different word. The child has to identify the word that was on the whale.


Stella Stars

The star says a word. The child has to find the word that Stella says and drag it on to her. They can tap Stella at any time to hear the word again.


Crabby Clara

The crab holds up cards showing the word shape. The word is written below the cards. The letters that spell the word need to be dragged onto the cards in the correct order to spell out the word. They can tap Clara to hear her repeat the word.


Edgars Eggs

This requires memory and logic. There is a word shown on the egg, it slowly disappears but can be shown again by tapping it. They are to read and remember the word in Edgar’s egg then only tap the words that don’t match the word in the egg. The egg grows and hatches.